Photo service price list

Wedding event

Photographing families, children, portraits and pregnant mothers

Would you like to have as many captured moments of your children as possible? Or you are expecting a baby and you want to have a beautiful memory of your pregnancy. Or are you a family and want pictures full of emotion and fun? I can fulfill it for you!

In the vicinity of the town of Ústí nad Labem, Děčín and Teplice, the transport is free, otherwise the price is 10 CZK / km. Each additional photo is 50 CZK, when taking over 10 images, each additional image is CZK 25.

Graphic work

The graphic studio has its own print production for printing designs, drawings, simple prints, photographs on canvas, photographs in various formats and with a printing plotter with A1 width. The plotter prints in 12 colors.

          What do we produce?

  • Creating logos for your company, including the logo manual
  • Graphic manual for printed matter
  • Corporate publications
  • Calendars (desktop, wall, work)
  • Catalogues
  • Flyers, posters, invitations
  • Publications, brochures and books
  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Postcards of all kinds
  • Business cards, pocket calendars, cards
  • Wrapped graphics
  • Product photos
  • General photographic services
  • Promotional items
  • Company promotion (banners, roll-ups, vehicle stickers, etc.)
    I also deal with:
  • Welcoming of new born citizens
  • Photographing schools and kindergartens
  • Photography for high schools
  • Product photography
  • Company photos (employee shots)
  • Various corporate and other social parties
  • Sports and cultural events
  • Funerals
  • Opening stores or other similar events
  • Cooperation with a non-profit agency
  • Real estate photography and filming
  • Filming corporate ads
  • Filming lectures
  • Delivery of wedding guests