Price list for large projects and scenario

Video editing

The affordability of electronics has made it possible for anyone to buy a video camera at home. This creates unique shots of family, children, holidays and the like. But every author of a home video knows this: they are filming a holiday by the sea, but somehow there is no time, taste or energy left to edit the shots. I will make a film from your shots, which you will be happy to show off to all your visits.

I offer you editing of the shots into a meaningful whole, so that even after years you can remember the beautiful experiences from your holiday with the film. I will fully comply with your requirements and I will not delete the footage you will stand for. If you want to keep all your shots without any editing, I can only insert an introductory caption and create a video that you can play in the players. For a more pleasant atmosphere, I can underline your shots with music.

It is possible to insert subtitles into the film, so you will immediately know where you were on holiday and what the sights were called. If you are interested, I can insert a menu and a photo gallery with your pictures into the video. To make your holiday video look like a real movie, I can create a cover and disc print for each video.

Video processing prices

Pricing for such a service is very individual. It depends on the length of the video and the complexity of the processing. I will state indicative prices here.

  • The recorded material has 1 hour, the customer only wants to create a DVD without any modifications, only with an introductory title - price 500 CZK.
  • The recorded material has 1 hour, the customer wants to delete the bad shots and create an introductory caption - price 800 CZK.
  • The recorded material has 1 hour, the customer wants editing, deleting of bad shots, underlining with music and an introductory caption - price 1200 CZK.
  • The recorded material is 2 hours long, the customer wants to delete the spoiled shots, complete editing of the video into a pleasant film, underlining with music, title and captions during the film - price 2000 CZK.

Common shooting

  • Cameraman + camera first hour 1300 CZK each hour another 500,- CZK.
  • Second professional camera (eg for tripod placement) unattended + 50%
  • Second camera with operation + 70%
  • camera tripod I. 500 CZK / shooting
  • camera tripod II. 500 CZK / shooting
  • lights complete set 700 CZK / shooting
  • audio set I. microport with transmitter for belt or hand microphone + XLR receiver 300 CZK
  • audio set II. microport with belt transmitter + XLR receiver 300 CZK
  • in the case of photography at the time of filming Post-production & editing work CZK 500 / hour

(both cameras have two XLR inputs, thanks to two sets it is possible to record the conversation of two people well)

Social events

I offer filming of social, private or business events. Whether it is parties, balls, lectures or training. I will film your festive days, such as christenings, holy communions, graduations, the presentation of a graduation certificate or the celebration of a life anniversary. Pricing for such a service is very individual. It depends on the length of the video and the complexity of the processing. I will state indicative prices here.

Shooting of christenings

Are you going to baptize your baby and are you sorry that as the main actor, he will never see what happened to him? You can playfully fix that. Just have his baptism filmed and you can watch this video at any time. In the peace of home, you can remember how the anointing, the water baptism or the lighting of the candle took place. And when the baby grows up, he can see for himself how his baptism went. In addition, christenings are a large social event to which a large family is invited. It would certainly be a nice gift for all involved to donate a video recording of the christenings of which they were a part of.

Graduation video

Are you in your graduation year and do you want to have your exuberant graduation celebrations recorded for later recollection? Then there is nothing easier than having your ribbon party or prom filmed. It is your first big step in life and it deserves to be recorded and preserved in memories. The price for shooting your graduation ball will certainly not significantly burden your class budget. If you are calculating the price for an individual student, it will be in the order of tens of crowns for one DVD with video recording. You can choose different shooting lengths and the form of the final output. This will greatly affect the final price. I offer several options and variants of what to shoot. I can film only individual act of passing for a high school student and thus we will achieve a very low price, or I can shoot your whole event, with all the scenes, the passing, the dancing, the shots marathon and the relaxed professors. You will get a DVD in HD or 4K resolution, which I will cover and print. You will have an original memory of the moments when your unpopular professor got drunk and suddenly became a favorite, when the girls in graduation gowns looked gorgeous and the gentlemen in the suits looked almost mature...

University graduation video

Have you successfully passed the state final exams and are you waiting for graduation? We will capture the moment for you when you officially become an engineer, doctor or master. You can then remind yourself at any time of the solemn day when you were given a diploma and you graduated from university.

Filming a birthday party

Do you have a jubilee in your family who is going to celebrate his special day in the year and you don't want to shoot because you would lose the whole celebration? I will film your birthday party, exuberant guests and their wishes for the celebrants. You will be able to have a lot of fun and you will still have a lasting memory in the form of a birthday video. Especially if an attraction or a challenging task is prepared for the celebrant, which he must complete in order to receive the dream gift. The participants of the celebration will certainly appreciate if they receive a video from the celebration, where they can find themselves and remember how they enjoyed this jubilee day.

Unusual shooting

Do you have a puppy at home and want to keep how playful and cheerful it was, how it grew and discovered the world? I will be happy to meet you several times and make a beautiful clip about your dog. Are you in love, you are far from the wedding and still want romantic shots of you two underlined by a song? It's no problem to get together and record a short clip of your favorite song.

Did you receive a balloon flight as a gift and do you want to remember this unusual experience at any time? I have experience with shooting balloon flights! We will record the preparations of the hot air balloon, its inflation, your curious peeping, etc. In the video you will see how difficult or easy it was to get into the high basket of the balloon and how you moved further and further away from the starting point. By prior arrangement, it is possible to lend you a camera and you can shoot beautiful views during the flight, which I will then insert into the video. Of course, it is possible to arrange with the balloon companies to arrive at the landing site and record your landing and balloon baptism.

Aerial shooting and photography

Like its predecessor, the Mavic 2 is a small but very handy machine that you can put in your backpack and set off on an adventure immediately. The new version is more aerodynamic, quieter, more powerful and even smarter. It boasts 4K video, lasts 31 minutes, speeds of up to 72 km per hour, a new effective Hyperlapse function, greater independence and, most importantly, extra-quality cameras.

In the Pro version, you will come across an exclusive Hasselblad camera with a 1-inch CMOS sensor, which handles even poorer lighting conditions and captures 20MP photos.

The Zoom version gives you incredible freedom when watching shy objects (animals) - 2x optical and 2x digital zoom allow you to focus on the subject without losing 4K image quality. The Dolly Zoom automatic mode for high-definition shots is also a pleasure.

Weight 907 g

Battery life 31 minutes

Max. speed72 km/h

Max. video resolution 4K: 3840x2160 24/25/35p

Max. video stream 100Mbps

Colorprofiles Dlog-M (10bit), HDR video support (HLG 10bit)

Max. image resolution 20 MP

Sensor 1" CMOS

Storage Micro card 64 GB

Signal range 8 km

Do you want aerial video and aerial photos?

No problem, the drone can be switched from photo mode to video mode even in flight. We will produce a company video that exactly fits into your company strategy. Price according to the used film technique, shooting length ...

We will prepare a price offer for you.